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Heist Meister is a game of psychology, diplomacy and deceit.

Deploy your lieutenants to perform heists at various businesses. If you're lucky there will be bags of cash in the safe. If you're unlucky then it may be booby-trapped with a bomb.

Trade information with other criminal masterminds to avoid losing your goons to bombs and accumulate loot. But be wary: there's no honour between thieves!

The game is currently under development and will be available for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

How to Play

Starting a game

The game is played with 7 players. If there are not enough human players then AI will fill the remaining roles.

Players are criminal masterminds in charge of a gang of goons who attempt robberies. At the start of a game each player has 5 goons.

Playing the game

Players take it in turn to be the insider and have knowledge of where all the cash will be distributed amongst the businesses. The insider gets to decide how many of the 7 cash deposits (if any) will be at a given location. All cash deposits must be distributed. The insider must also plant a bomb in the safe at a location where no cash is stored.

Each player (including the insider) then get to secretly place their goons at different locations in order to steal the cash. They may use any number of their goons, or none at all.

Once all players have placed their goons it is revealed where the cash deposits and the bomb are located.

Each goon in a location with cash will receive a cut of the take. Players can increase their share by using more goons.

Any goons at the bomb location are removed from the game. Players with no goons are eliminated from the game.

If no goons are placed at a location where there is cash it goes to the insider.

Game end

The game ends when one of the following conditions are met:

Other rules

Players are allowed to communicate by any means.

Players are allowed to co-operate.

Players are allowed to lie and cheat as long as they don't break any of the rules above.


Players win in the order of how much cash they took and are awarded points for their finishing position:

If two or more players have the same amount of cash then the points from their table positions are totaled and shared between them. Fractions of points are not awarded.